Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Basic Phone Etiquette

Just received a phone call from a mother (and her 18 month old) apprently. While trying to fulfill the mother's requests . . . well, it was difficult to hear her over the baby pressing various buttons on the handset SHE was using. She ignored her mother's prompts to "Please put the phone down. Please get off the phone." Yeah, because and 18 month old really has an extensive enough vocabulary to really know what she's being asked to do.

What she really needs is a good SMACK in the keister!

While we're on the topic . . . don't call the library, or any other organization for that matter, until:

1. Your child stops SCREAMING! (We can't hear you anyway.)

2. The signal on your cell is strong. (Trust me it won't last.)

3. You have formulated the question you want to ask. (Begining with a statement such as, "I lost my library card." (Silence.) Is not a question.)


At 7:22 PM, Blogger dinoread said...

Another one to add to your list... Phone solicitation companies to check phone numbers before calling the library, and asking to speak to the head of the household. (or for that matter spam pasted as a comment on a blog!)


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