Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How Do You Spell SEE-AL-ACE?

I am sitting behind the information desk at a small county public library. An old man at a computer asks for my help. (Always a bad sign.)

He says to me, “How do you spell SEE-AL-ACE?”

I attempt to squelch my girlish giggles while imagining the hot, yet wrinkly, little number awaiting his manliness at home. I recall the TV commercial. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. But I cannot remember how it is spelled. And darn if there aren’t a hundred different ways to spell it like it sounds.

“It’s for erectile dysfunction,” he unabashedly announces to me and the rest of the patrons quietly minding their own internets.

Please stop. I can’t take it!

I manage to pass off a laugh as a cough, but I still cannot conjure up the correct spelling.

“I want to get my free sample. My buddy got a free sample, and I want to get mine.”

Enough! I can’t take any more!

Thank GOD for GOOGLE and their spelling “suggestions.” I finally succeed in getting him “hooked up” on the website. And his “excitement” is directed elsewhere.

All in a “hard” days work.


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