Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Got Password?

Part i

Computer questions are always the best. Mostly because I know so little about computers, and, what’s worse, the general public knows even less.

A woman (we’ll call her Yahoo Woman) comes up to the information desk and asks me for help getting on her email. I don’t have time for this. And it’s actually not my job. But I concede since it will be faster for me to type in the web address for her than explain why I can’t help her. Little do I know . . . I was wrong.

“What kind of email do you have?”

Blank stare.

“What is your email address?”


I type in www.aol.com into the web address box. The page comes up.

I say, “Type in your username here. And your password here.”

“User name?”

“Your email address.”

She types YahooWoman@aol.com.

“What’s my password?”

Blank stare.

“I can’t give you your password.”

“Well, I don’t know what it is. Last time they got me on without my password.”

I assured her there was nothing I could do for her.

Part ii

I am the only librarian present for the day. So I take my lunch in “the back” while still being “on the desk.” My co-worker informs me someone has a question. As I come out, I see (you guessed it) Yahoo Woman, who says (and I quote):

“Oh . . . it’s you.”

Regardless of this greeting, I proceed to explain in my nicest librarian voice everything I have illustrated above, which I will not intrude upon you to repeat, dear reader, as I felt intruded upon to have to repeat it to her.

She continued to sit at the computer for about an hour before she finally left. I guess she didn’t believe me . . . most don’t.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger PiNkIlLeR said...

hopefully she ran into a telephone pole on the way home. Serves her right for being a idiot.


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