Monday, December 19, 2005

One-Stop-Shopping at the Library

Early this afternoon, a confused, but younger, looking gentleman approaches the checkout desk and asks:

"Do you have any construction paper?"

Well . . . we have a BUDGET for that. We use MONEY to pay for it. And I don't think our Youth Librarian would be very happy about us just GIVING it away to any SCHMOE who asked for it.

While we're on the topic:

The library does not stock office or school supplies for use by the general public. Please do not ask to use our glue, paper, pens, or pencils. All of these things cost MONEY, and seeing as how we are a non-profit business and would like to stay that way, we will not be doling free handouts to the general public. We do not sell computer floppy discs or stamps. Please visit your nearest Walgreens or grocery store for these items.

By the way, the answer to the above question (about construction paper) is:

Yes, we have stacks of construction paper in the back. We have it in many different colors. If you are really that eager to use our construction paper, feel free to sign up for our preschool storytime.


At 5:27 AM, Blogger Happy Villain said...

Isn't it funny when they get indignant, like we're suposed to supply them with the necessary tools to do all their projects, no matter what that might entail?

What do you mean you can't let me borrow your paper cutter?

It's not a paper cutter. It's a mini guillotine. Don't make me use it on you.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

I had a woman working on "a book that all my friends were telling me 'ohhhm you just HAVE to write it and get it out there'" who asked for, in the span of 5 minutes ...

Burnable CD
Flash drive
Information on "what would happen if I just took this to Kinko's."


At 1:15 PM, Blogger lildeeinthebrary said...

Amen, Sister--I'm starting to get annoyed by people just asking to use the stapler! More annoyed about paper clips. Even more annoyed about pens/pencils (although I make them swear on their firstborn that they'll bring it back.) I would never tell anyone outside the library world about this, because they just wouldn't understand. I mean, it's just a freaking pen/cil. And I'll bring it back! Yeah, right.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger NonAnon said...

Oh, the office supplies queries are wearying, but I draw my absolute line in the sand at the staff fax machine in the back. My manager keeps wanting to let members of the public use it. Evidently because she feels it's not creepy enough to face often pushy and rude patrons across a public service desk, but would rather usher them into the back where all our stuff (library and personal) is. Need to send a fax? That's why our good friends at Kinko's exist.

I'll have to remember that storytime line, incidentally. Priceless.


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