Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To Whom Am I Speaking?

Some people will leap to any extreme to avoid paying the library their rightful money. Why do you think we need public levees passed all the time?

Today our director received a call from a woman who had a book that was long overdue. The director explained to her that she needed to return the book and pay the overdue fine, or pay for the book, to avoid being sent to the library’s collection agency.

“Well . . . my other personality “Sue” checked that book out. I don’t know where it is . . . I won’t be able to find it until “Sue” comes back.”

It's a good thing I'm here to step in at this point.

Bitter Librarian: That’s fine, ma’am . . . Becky, Pat, Bonnie . . . whomever I’m speaking to. Just let “Sue” know that this is going to effect her credit.


At 6:23 PM, Blogger NonAnon said...

Let's just hope Sue is independently wealthy and can take care of all applicable charges.

I must say, at least she's trying, unlike the majority of our patrons who stick with the ever popular "I know I never checked THAT out! I don't care if it's on my card. I've never HEARD of that book...wait, what was the title?...oh, wait, I know right where that is. Thanks."

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Happy Villain said...

I'd have just told her that the cardholder was responsible, regardless of the personalities who abused that privilege. Keep your other personalities in line! Let that be a warning to you all!


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